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  • Martin Hosner - International SEO Expert
    International Search Engine Optimization Expert | We provide PBN hosting services, SEO consulting & web design services.

    Dave definitely gets the job done and I don't mean just posting links and that's it. He will keep at it until your site ranks. I meet so many people in this business who are just interested in doing a given job and then leave. Dave actually cares if your website ranks or not and will not stop until the client is satisfied.

  • Marlene Mariani
    SEO & Online Marketing Consultant

    I would highly recommend Dave McCormack and his SEO services. Dave has the knowledge, skills and strategies to rank any website fast. Dave also has a wealth of IT experience and can design and implement powerful strategies that get his clients results and ROI.

  • Carol Harkins
    SEO Expert - Local Online Marketing Consultant - Web Designer - Author - www.SouthJerseySEO.org

    If you are looking to increase your bottom line but your website is anywhere but on Page 1 of Google, Dave McCormack is the person to contact. Most people who call themselves Internet Marketing/SEO Experts don't know a fraction of what Dave does - nor do they achieve a fraction of the results that Dave does for his clients. I definitely recommend him.

  • Daryl Osborne
    Daryl Osborne
    SEO Expert Vancouver - Online Reputation Management & Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultant for Local Businesses

    I've worked with Dave on several projects and found him and his team to be very responsive, technically sound, and provides solid results that we can count on. We have been able to deliver on time and on budget for every project that we brought Dave in to assist with and I would not hesitate to work with him again. He clearly knows his craft and his clients benefit from his dedication. 

  • Daniel Neubauer // SEO Experte
    SEO Specialist, Founder and CEO at RED RAM MEDIA - Web Design, Programming, SEO and Online Marketing from Ulm

    I met Dave a couple weeks back and I was stunned by his knowledge about SEO and online marketing. I worked with him on two projects so far and we plan to work on many more in the future. And besides that, Dave is a great guy, genuine and friendly and easy to talk to. 

    His excellent IT background does help him to get all the technical difficulties that emerge in the online marketing world out of the way immediately so he can concentrate on what's most important to him - and that is giving his clients the best possible results with the highest ROI for them. 

    So if you are looking to increase your visibility for yourself or your business in the real google search engine in order to get more visitors and so potential new clients, then I can highly recommend Dave McCormack. He is a real SEO expert and knows his stuff from A to Z. 

    I am looking forward to work with him on even more projects in the near future.

  • Michael Der
    Michael Der
    Local Marketing Expert | Video Marketing & Reputation Management Expert | Social Semantic SEO Expert | San Jose & beyond

    I can honestly say that Dave is a super-passionate, dedicated, SEO specialist and it has been a great pleasure to work with him over the past year. I am fortunate to have collaborated with him on many different projects. As a business partner, he has demonstrated his tremendous ability to produce real and effective SEO results for his clients. He offers proven strategies for complete, perpetual market domination and provides much value to his clients. As a highly skilled and well-knowledgeable SEO, he can quickly diagnose problems and identify digital marketing solutions that are far superior to his competitors.