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  • Search Engine Optimisation Myths

    March 5, 2014
  • Search Engine Optimisation Myths

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been plagued by many myths and misconceptions that are deliberately aimed at obscuring certain facts to the average website owner who just wants to increase traffic to their website. It would not be fair or humane to keep people like these out of the loop when all they want is to work hard and at the end of the day get a return on their investment.

    1)      SEO is too hard for regular people, so you should leave it to the experts

    Granted, there are areas in search engine optimization that should be left to the experts, especially if it is your first dealing with SEO. However, it is not true to simply state that SEO is too hard for the ordinary website owner. With information now widely available on the internet, an amateur stands a very good chance of becoming an expert at SEO in a very short time. There are also plenty of SEO tools and software that have greatly eased the burden that beginners usually have to bear. Reading this article is also a great way of improving your knowledge on search engine optimization.

    2)      SEO does not help small businesses

    This is a myth that is definitely not true. Optimizing a website for a small business for search engines is a crucial part of the plan to generate more and more traffic to the website. This is traffic that can subsequently be converted into profit, as viewers click on adverts and as others spend money on items featured on the website.It would be a mistake to simply ignore search engine optimization on the pretext of being too small to matter. That would be very much akin to shooting yourself in the foot.

    3)      SEO is too expensive

    It would surprise you to learn that the reverse of the statement above is actually the truer statement. The amount of money spent on search engine optimization usually ends up being much lower than the amount of money spent on launching advertising campaigns online. Search engine optimization also brings in more value for money, as it entails creating high quality content for the website, and changing certain aspects for the website so as to make it more relevant and more popular.

    This is a myth that can be easily debunked in five seconds.