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    After running a successful Digitial Marketing business for the last five years, as well as keeping up to date with all latest advanced technologies Google throws at us, I have come to realise there is one common denominator. This is where I have found a gap in the on-line marketing world that not a lot of people/agencies either know about or are doing. That is white hat Link building which has become a profession after seeing traffic growth to many on-line companies I have assisted to date.

    As I am a small business which means you get the full attention of me, I can only allow for 2 or more clients at any given time.
    Do read this page and get in touch to see if we are a good fit to work on getting you organic traffic the right way.



    Website Analysis:

    1)Analytics - here we would need access to your Google Analytics account in order to get the best quality insight to your content as well as what pages visitors frequent your site.

    2)Search Console - Every website owner should have Google search console connected to their website, if unsure please see (what is search console link). We would require access which would show us keywords to your website already, as well as quick wins we could utilise in order to get better traffic exposure.

    Keyword Analysis:

    I use industry leading professional tools - Ahrefs, Majestic, and SEMrush are the best practice tools I use in order to break down the exact keywords we would like to target

    • Your most popular pieces of content
    • Keywords that rank fairly well (usually position 10-30) that could include a quick boost
    • If you have any keywords in the top 30 position with low competition that we could raise which would increase the impressions to form a strong ROI

     Ahrefs Top Pages

    Anchor text ratio inline check:

    I look to establish your overall anchor text ratio to ensure nothing looks 'unnatural'. By doing this it gives an overall picture of what had been done, as if your anchor text ratio does not look natural then this is in-line with possible google penalties(insert what google penalties are linked) which then means we need to dilute your anchor text ratio in order to get your website back on track.

    Below is an image of Moz.com, a popular website for internet marketers - here you will see their Anchor text profile.

    Majestic Referrinf domains

    On Site and Content Audit:

    Here I take a look at:


    • Do you have any content I can work with?
    • Are you creating content on a regular basis?
    • Are you utilising a content creator?
    • Does your content attract social shares and if so how many?
    • Do you have any email lists or social following etc?
    • Would you be willing to invest in content creation?

    I create a list of current good content URL's so it is all recorded when approaching targets for link building

    If there is no good content to use (this happens often so don't be alarmed) then I would advise accordingly and we would need to go down one of two avenues:

    • You can either create the content yourself
    • You can hire somebody or I can hire on your behalf a content creator and I can fully manage them.

    *It is important for you to give me a content budget that can be placed on target sites as well as site content which is additional on what the fee would include from my charges.*

    Links auditing:

    I run a complete audit of all your current links which includes the following:

    • Is the anchor text ratio over optimised?
    • Are there any spammy or unnatural links?
    • Majestic is run on your target pages to ensure everything is in order from a linking perspective
    • Check metrics including link history, trust flow of the domain, citation flow of the domain, domain authority, page authority, links from relevant websites, this will allow me to see if any pages are currently earning links and being used to their full potential.

    Project planning:

    Below is the type of action plan created so we can manage each step and process we perform:


    Prospecting Process:

    This has to be the main crucial part of the puzzle, the heartbeat, and foundation of what we do. Here we build a list of highly relevant websites to outreach. Thi sis based on the content, link strategy, and niche.
    I utilise a number of effective methods for each campaign in order to produce the list of target prospects.

    *Google Search operators - This is a powerful combination of words and characters that are used in order to filter specific search results from Google:
    Google Search Operators

    Outreach Process:

    Here we find the contact information for each target and attempt to send a personal email, this approach will often result in a relationship being formed. This can be beneficial as it is common practice for a target to share your site locally on social media which in turn is a bonus if done the right way.

    We follow up with those who don't respond and communicate with those who do in order to get as many decent links as we can.

    We record any live links or opportunities in the project management file for safe keeping and so that we can keep track of all that has been done, as well as the clients getting full transparency.

    Link Expectations & Results

    This is all dependant on a number of factors:
    1)what type if content we have
    2)What your site is selling
    3)attitudes and reaction of the targets being approached

    I generally get between 10-20 links per month

    This also boils down to how much content you can create for me in order to utilise for our link building strategies.


    This is done in 2 documents which will be shared via google.
    * Project reporting - you will have access to view what is happening
    * Monthly call - We can discuss the campaign as well as any new ideas and what is working
    * Results - We send a monthly overall report to view any improvements we can capitalise on.


    How do I charge?

    My minimum fee is £1500 per month, most companies I have worked with feel the sweet spot at £3000 and we generally aim for 200 targets/month as a baseline starting point.


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